New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.0.7

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • You can now click on the date range in a shared (via link) report, and the app won't display an error.
  • Various issues with the behaviour of tags were solved. Now, they should also display with correct names instead of codes.
  • A keyboard navigation issue has been fixed. When switching between fields (Project or Tags) with your keyboard, the dropdowns will hide properly after switching to another field. 
  • Moreover, you can choose the drop-down options with the “Enter” button.
  • There is no longer a slight delay when using the search fields across the app. 
  • When creating a new account/workspace, users can now properly go back without an error.
  • Users can no longer add numbers to their first or last name during registration.
  • A workspace user can no longer register without filling in the name and last name fields.
  • When deleting your account as an owner, you should be taken to the user list after clicking "OK" on the "Cannot delete the account" modal.

New Features ✨

  • We have added a new feature, too: toasts 🍞. Yummy! Upon completing an action, a (green or red) toast will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen under your account icon and organization name: