Release 1.7 - Start & end time entry ⏱️

New Feature - Start & end time entry ✨

We have added a Start and end time feature that requires your employees to report time with start and end time. 

  • Start & end time entry is a premium plan feature only. You can activate it for your workspace in the settings section. 
  • When turned on, every time entry must include both a start and end time. Time entries reported before activating this feature will not include start and end times but can be edited appropriately.
  • The duration of each time entry is automatically calculated based on the start and end times provided.

Fixes & Improvements 🚀
  • Downloaded reports now proprely show the status column for workspaces using the Approval feature.
  • The “Owner” role can no longer be passed to inactive users.
  • We have added some missing error messages for users. 
  • Filters for approvals are now retained when switching between tabs.
  • For resolved Approvals requests, the manager who has accepted/rejected/withdrawn a request is now displayed in the “Approvals - My Requests” sections.
  • Projects can now be completely deleted.
  • No more boring default avatar image, now you’ll see some nice placeholder images as a default avatar.

New Improved Fixed
about 1 year ago

Release 1.6 - Time Approvals ☑️

New Feature - Time Approvals ✨

  • We have added a highly requested feature that enables your employees to request for their time reports to be approved.  As a manager of a given project, you can then approve the time reports of your employees.
    • To house this feature we have created a completely new module of Quidlo called “Time Approvals”.
    • It is divided into two parts “My requests” and “To approve”.
    • To request for a time approval simply click the “Create new request” button and then choose the time reports you want your manager to approve. 
    • To approve a time report, on the other hand, head to the “To approve” section where you will see all of the requests you can approve or reject.
      • This list can be filtered by project, people, or request status.
  • It’s important to note that as a manager you cannot approve your own request.
  • Time approvals are a premium plan feature only.
  • You might need to enable the Time Approvals feature in your workspace settings as it’s turned on by default only for new Free Trial and Premium users.
  • You can also see which manager has accepted a given time request by navigating to the details of a given request. 
  • When the approvals feature is turned off the status column will not be visible on the reports page. 

Other New Features ✨

  • You can now add time entries for other users provided you are a manager of a given project or an admin of a workspace. To do that, simply change the tracker view from “Me” to “My team” in the top right corner.

    You will now see the tracker with the additional option of choosing a user for whom you want to add a time entry. 
    • To adjust the UI for this feature the tracker has been improved. Now you can easily switch it between two modes: 
      1) tracking time (clock icon) and 2) adding a time entry (+ icon).

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • Minor copy changes across the app and email updates.
  • Minor UI & UX improvements to the Settings section.
  • When trying to change your name you will now see an error message when the name is too short or too long.
  • In the Settings and Features section, the toggles should now be correctly refreshed when switching to a different subscription plan.

New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.5

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • Multiple clicking has been disabled globally. You will not be able to create multiple workspaces accidentally.
  • The calendar is no longer in the wrong position when scrolling down in the “Reports” view and using the filter drawer.
  • You can now properly see all of the project tags when editing a task (time entry).
  • In the “Settings” and “Subscription” tabs the page will now properly refresh after upgrading the subscription plan from free trial to “Starter”.
  • The option to edit tasks in a shared report will now be hidden. 
  • All of the modal windows (overlays) across the app will now have a scroll, to take into account making the browser window smaller. 
  • After successfully configuring a connection with Slack bot you will now be redirected to the time tracker and see a success toast. 
  • The “show archived” toggle in the Projects view will now work properly.
  • When sending a report via email, all capital letters in the provided e-mail addresses will be converted to small letters, to avoid an error.  
  • When archiving a project in the projects list (Projects view), there will no longer be unnecessary space left between the projects.
  • When applying selected filters in the Reports view, the filter pills will no longer change positions in a weird way.
  • When choosing “All” projects in the reports view, all of the other filters will be automatically changed to “All”.
  • The month names (the first day of a given month) in the tracker view will now be displayed as abbreviations.
  • The calendar on the Reports view will now behave correctly when scrolling. 

New Features ✨

  • In the reports view, when filtering the time entries by people you will now see the total amount of hours reported.
New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.4

New Features ✨

There is a Quidlo Timesheets plugin available now for chrome users. Head over to Google Chrome Web Store to download it.

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • We have fixed some issues happening on the reports page.
  • We have smoothed out part of the minor style issues happening over the app.
  • Some users have experienced a problem with stopping the auto tracker. This has been addressed in this release. 
New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.2

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • The “Save” button will no longer change its’ state between active and inactive as the user tinkers around a project in the “Projects” view.  
  • When trying to invite a user with a wrong email address in the “Users” tab, the appropriate error message is displayed.
  • A bug, where the dropdown menus in the “Tracker” and “Users” views would open and close automatically has been fixed.
  • When adding the wrong receipt info to the “Subscription” tab under “Settings”, the verification pop-up is no longer stuck until clicking “Cancel”.
  • Some minor copy changes have been made across tooltips.
  • When trying to leave your organization as an owner a toast should now be displayed.
  • Editing an entry in the “Tracker” view should now properly display the date of the entry.

New Features ✨

  • On the “Reports” page when viewing the time reports by Projects, you can see a pill with the total amount of hours from all projects.
New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.1 - Christmas Update 🎄

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • You can now properly select values from the drop-down menus with the “Enter” key.
  • Account deletion for a single user has been simplified. When deleting your account as the only user of a workspace, the workspace will be deleted along with your account.
  • Some of the icons across the app have been polished.
  • The “Reports” view has been refreshed - with improved performance and ease to use.
  • Some small changes to the “Projects” view 👇
    • Hovering over a project in the “Projects” view will show you 3 icons (Reports, Archive and Edit)
    • When editing projects, you might notice that
      • Project colours have been slightly changed to make them more distinctive. 
      • The hue of Project tags has been slightly changed to be more readable.

New Features ✨

  • The settings section has been redesigned. It is now divided into tabs: Features, Workspace & Subscription. The last one is visible only to the Workspace owner.
    • The Features tab enables the admin to configure and turn on/off certain features of Quidlo.
    • The Workspace tab is the place to modify global tags, change your workspace name or logo or leave your workspace.

Merry Christmas🎄
New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.0.7

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • You can now click on the date range in a shared (via link) report, and the app won't display an error.
  • Various issues with the behaviour of tags were solved. Now, they should also display with correct names instead of codes.
  • A keyboard navigation issue has been fixed. When switching between fields (Project or Tags) with your keyboard, the dropdowns will hide properly after switching to another field. 
  • Moreover, you can choose the drop-down options with the “Enter” button.
  • There is no longer a slight delay when using the search fields across the app. 
  • When creating a new account/workspace, users can now properly go back without an error.
  • Users can no longer add numbers to their first or last name during registration.
  • A workspace user can no longer register without filling in the name and last name fields.
  • When deleting your account as an owner, you should be taken to the user list after clicking "OK" on the "Cannot delete the account" modal.

New Features ✨

  • We have added a new feature, too: toasts 🍞. Yummy! Upon completing an action, a (green or red) toast will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen under your account icon and organization name:

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