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over 1 year ago

Release 1.1 - Christmas Update 🎄

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • You can now properly select values from the drop-down menus with the “Enter” key.
  • Account deletion for a single user has been simplified. When deleting your account as the only user of a workspace, the workspace will be deleted along with your account.
  • Some of the icons across the app have been polished.
  • The “Reports” view has been refreshed - with improved performance and ease to use.
  • Some small changes to the “Projects” view 👇
    • Hovering over a project in the “Projects” view will show you 3 icons (Reports, Archive and Edit)
    • When editing projects, you might notice that
      • Project colours have been slightly changed to make them more distinctive. 
      • The hue of Project tags has been slightly changed to be more readable.

New Features ✨

  • The settings section has been redesigned. It is now divided into tabs: Features, Workspace & Subscription. The last one is visible only to the Workspace owner.
    • The Features tab enables the admin to configure and turn on/off certain features of Quidlo.
    • The Workspace tab is the place to modify global tags, change your workspace name or logo or leave your workspace.

Merry Christmas🎄