New Improved Fixed
about 1 year ago

Release 1.2

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • The “Save” button will no longer change its’ state between active and inactive as the user tinkers around a project in the “Projects” view.  
  • When trying to invite a user with a wrong email address in the “Users” tab, the appropriate error message is displayed.
  • A bug, where the dropdown menus in the “Tracker” and “Users” views would open and close automatically has been fixed.
  • When adding the wrong receipt info to the “Subscription” tab under “Settings”, the verification pop-up is no longer stuck until clicking “Cancel”.
  • Some minor copy changes have been made across tooltips.
  • When trying to leave your organization as an owner a toast should now be displayed.
  • Editing an entry in the “Tracker” view should now properly display the date of the entry.

New Features ✨

  • On the “Reports” page when viewing the time reports by Projects, you can see a pill with the total amount of hours from all projects.