New Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Release 1.5

Fixes & Improvements 🚀

  • Multiple clicking has been disabled globally. You will not be able to create multiple workspaces accidentally.
  • The calendar is no longer in the wrong position when scrolling down in the “Reports” view and using the filter drawer.
  • You can now properly see all of the project tags when editing a task (time entry).
  • In the “Settings” and “Subscription” tabs the page will now properly refresh after upgrading the subscription plan from free trial to “Starter”.
  • The option to edit tasks in a shared report will now be hidden. 
  • All of the modal windows (overlays) across the app will now have a scroll, to take into account making the browser window smaller. 
  • After successfully configuring a connection with Slack bot you will now be redirected to the time tracker and see a success toast. 
  • The “show archived” toggle in the Projects view will now work properly.
  • When sending a report via email, all capital letters in the provided e-mail addresses will be converted to small letters, to avoid an error.  
  • When archiving a project in the projects list (Projects view), there will no longer be unnecessary space left between the projects.
  • When applying selected filters in the Reports view, the filter pills will no longer change positions in a weird way.
  • When choosing “All” projects in the reports view, all of the other filters will be automatically changed to “All”.
  • The month names (the first day of a given month) in the tracker view will now be displayed as abbreviations.
  • The calendar on the Reports view will now behave correctly when scrolling. 

New Features ✨

  • In the reports view, when filtering the time entries by people you will now see the total amount of hours reported.